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Please note that most websites will have a monthly hosing fee and the client has to pay for their own domain name from there choice of web hosting and domain provider. Pricing is determined on the complexity of the websites design and structure.


Remember THIS:

When you’re starting from scratch, so is the web designer. Building a website is like making a car. What make and model do you need or want?


Prices vary. Call for Details.

It’s simple. You need a website that your business can be proud of. I know you want an attractive and unique website that will increase the volume of your revenue and more traffic to your site.


TuShea Productions has a simple and effective design process that will help your business or your personal endeavors increase sales and notoriety.


TuShea Productions Custom

Web Site Design Process


• First, we gather information about your business:

       -Brand position


       -Purpose of your business

       -Your goals and objectives

       -What type of site do you need

       -(Ex. E-commerce, Informative, Support)


• Secondly, we develop content or view your existing content to make sure that it is optimized for search engines on the Internet.

• Thirdly, we plan the structure of your website, the navigation of how the user will use it and the overall experience.


• Fourth, we will show you a mock up of your website and how if reflects your business brand and identity. The rendering will include your logo, color scheme, custom graphical elements, and typography and fonts.


• The last process is your approval of the mock up renderings. After that, TuShea Productions can start programming and building your website for launch. This part is always an exciting moment and I’m excited for you!


Re Design Existing Websites


If you have an existing web site and just want to spruce it up (and maybe even increase traffic), TuShea Productions can help. TuShea Productions can optimize the current content of your web site to increase traffic and improve your ranking on the search engines.


Prices vary. Call for Details.

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