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Consultation Services


Consulting is offered to both potential clients of TuShea Productions services AND those just seeking consultation from an experienced, professional designer.


I have obtain inside knowledge and understanding throughout my 10+ years in advertising & multimedia. I enjoy discussing designs, planning and ideas to help others and your business but I must be compensated for my time and expertise.


Thank you for understanding.

Germaine Compton, CEO/Owner


How the process works:


1. Set an appointment for how many hours you may need me and what you would like to discuss.

2. Once the appointment is set I will send your invoice with the appropriate hours, cost, and what will be discussed within the consultation.

3. You (The Client) will review over the invoice, the hours, the cost, and what will be discussed in our appointment.

4. After you have reviewed and approved the invoice you will need to pay in advance to lock in your consultation.

5. Once I have received payment I will send you an invoice stating it has been paid in full and I will arrive at the appropriate location 15mins prior to our meeting.


Fees range from $80 t0 $300 per hour.

2 Hour minimum


(Please Note: If there is a cancellation to reschedule on my part (The Designer), a refund of 25% will be refunded to you.)


Free Consultation:

Those who are potential clients will receive free consultation if the contract is signed and TuShea Productions begins designing your project. Simply put, the time TuShea Productions spends talking to you about your project, meeting with you, learning about your company, writing a proposal, and then writing a contract will not be charged to you if you sign the contract and have me do the work.


These fees will be waived as a way of thanking you for following through with your decision to use TuShea Productions services. Free consultation is only for the project that you’ve contracted. Consultation for a different project is not considered free unless TuShea Productions designs that project for you as well.


Back-Out Consultation:

Those who are potential clients who decide not to follow through with having TuShea Productions do their design work will be responsible for paying TuShea Productions for a portion of his time spent discussing the project with them.

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