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Below is some general pricing information regarding my services. Rush fees apply

for short 1 or 2 day turnaround. For more specific information, please call or email.


Envelope Addressing


Many lettering styles are available to choose from that will complement your invitation and announcement. This will send a message to your guest that this is an event to remember.


• Double envelopes:  $5.00 (inner and outer)

• Single envelopes:   $3.50

• (extra charge for color)


Place Cards


Seating cards are an elegant way to let each guest know where they will be seated for the event.

• $2.00 each for name and table number.


Scrolls or Seating Scrolls


Each scroll is an individually created piece of art work. From your guest list, the scroll is hand drawn to match your color scheme, your flowers, and your theme. No two scrolls are ever alike.

• Depending on the size most scrolls start at $50.00 to $350.00

• Plus optional framing and matting.


Table Numbers Or Names


Table numbers or names can add an elegant touch to your tables. You may choose to have them stand on their own, or purchase frames to hold them that can be kept for wedding photos or given to one guest at each table.

• Decorated names and numbers are $15.00

• Plain numbers and names $7.50




Menus can be created for each guest or as part of each table display. In most cases, TuShea Productions will create an original from which prints can be made.

• $70.00 and up depending on the length of words on your menu.




Hand-lettered programs is an elegant extra touch of sophistication. In most cases, TuShea Productions will create one original program from which prints can be made.

• $70.00 and up depending on the length of words on your program.




If you wish your whole invitation to be done in hand-lettered calligraphy, one original would be created for each piece of the invitation package (the invitation, the return address, reception card, response card, response envelope, ect.)

• $250.00 and up.


Wedding gift quotations


If you have a lovely quote that you would like to personalized then I can hand-letter your quote in calligraphy from my many different styles.

• $70.00 and up depending on the length of words on your program.


Birth announcements


Birth announcements are a fabulous customized gift for a new baby.

• $70.00 and up depending on the length of words on your announcement.


Custom Calligraphy And Designs


Poems, quotations, and wedding vows can be hand-lettered in calligraphy as an original time piece of art work. Please call or email.


Price Listing

Calligraphy is a rare art form that will surpass any computer

font because it’s personal and not computer generated.


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